Twitter Will Offer Much Better Privacy Controls in 2020

Twitter is considering drastically changing how retweets and tags work.

Twitter’s Vice President of design and research, Dantley Davis, has revealed that the company is exploring several changes over how the fundamentals of conversation sharing work. Twitter’s core features are on the line in this effort to improve the platform.

These changes will let users leave a thread they have posted in, and grant permission before they are tagged in a tweet, disable or limit retweets to certain circles.

Keep in mind that Davis says he is only “looking forward to” these features, meaning none of these are official just yet. These are just ideas that are being explored, indicating that none of them might actually become official. There is also no specific timeline other than “2020”.

In a follow-up tweet, a spokesperson from Twitter said:

The features mentioned are ideas we’re exploring – explorations and experimentation have always been part of our process. We’ll have more to share should we decide to move forward with any of them.

Nevertheless, these updates will definitely be a step in the right direction for Twitter when it comes to avoiding social media toxicity. In other words, the new update will be a major anti-harassment feature.