Prince Pearl to be Launched in January 2020

Rumors are abound that much-anticipated, hatchback Prince Pearl will be available in Pakistan from January 2020.

The Pearl boasts an 800CC engine coupled with a 4-speed manual transmission. According to its manufacturer, Prince, the engine is fuel-efficient and boasts an average of 18 km/l with a total fuel capacity of 27 liters, which is pretty impressive for a hatchback of this size.

The hatchback has a contemporary design with a sleek shape showing curves and impressive aerodynamics.  Not only this, but it has some impressive features given its size and price, such as central locking and power windows.

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It even has a hydraulic trunk, fog lamps and power side mirrors to top it all off. The car will be looking to capture the market share vacated by the Mehran but it will face stiff competition from United Bravo and the 660CC Alto.

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