Pakistan National Investor Portal Provides Youth With the Opportunity to Become Leading Entrepreneurs

Last month, PM Imran Khan launched the Kamyab Jawan initiative to enable the youth of Pakistan.

The program aims to nurture the startup ecosystem, provide access to funding for entrepreneurs, and impart practical skills to the next generation of Pakistani youngsters.

Startup Pakistan program is designed to complement Kamyab Jawan by preparing an ambitious target deal-pipeline of 10,000 “Investor Ready” start-ups creating over 1 million job opportunities. Enabling work towards achieving these targets is GoP sponsored startup subsidized financing scheme under Kamya Jawan which will provide interest-free and concessionary loans of upto 50 lakh rupees.

Naturally, there needs to be a central place for these new startups and potential investors to connect for funding beyond the PKR 50 lakh limit assigned under Kamyab Jawan.

The National Investor Portal is just that. It helps startups get access to the tools and expertise they require to pitch to investors to raise capital required to scale their products and services. For investors, it provides a list of startups that are primed for growth and need angel, investor and VC support.

Here’s how it all works:

Register Your Startup

Simply register your startup (, talk about what problem you’re trying to solve and the key areas where you need help.

PNIP Provides You Mentors

If your startup is approved, PNIP will pair you with a mentor who possesses knowledge and investment expertise to help you prepare your investor-deck. The potential pool of mentors consists of serial entrepreneurs, angels and venture capital specialists and investors with experience in supporting and accelerating high growth potential startups.

Idea Validation and Lots of Tweaks!

Now, the real work begins! You will have access to experts and investors from all around the world and undergo training with online bootcamps. PNIP will provide technical and financial validation for your startup and get it ready for pitching to investors.

Apply for Funding

PNIP’s Capital Bridge is the matchmaking platform for ready-for-liftoff startups and thousands of investors globally interested in supporting the next generation of startups from Pakistan.

Experienced Leadership

Leading the PNIP initiative are Omer Javed Ghani as CEO, Zahid Ali as the CTO and Shujaat Khalid as COO.

The CEO of Trioca Ventures, Omer Javed Ghani, has over 20 years of experience in the global financial markets including capital raising /transaction advisory, fund management, corporate strategy, incubation / acceleration support to startups and SMEs as well impact consulting for a range of multi-latetals.

A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and London Business School, Omer Javed Ghani has been with LUMS and IBA faculty since 21 years of age. He worked globally in leading financial markets including NY, London, Dubai with several fortune 500 companies such as Swiss Re, Bear Stearns, J.P. Morgan, Macquarie Capital before setting up Old Park Capital in 2009, an FSA regulated UCITS complain USD 50 million fund domiciled in Luxemburg. Since returning to Pakistan Mr. Ghani has been serving as South Asia Regional Director Enclude (previously known as Shore Bank) that established Nobel prize-winning institutions like Grameen Bank and several Microfinance institutions in Pakistan as we as other developing countries in the world. As Director Enclude Mr. Ghani led over two dozen national assignments covering all key economic sectors including establishing a USD 80 million SME Credit Guarantee Fund for State Bank of Pakistan.

“Investment is the ultimate proof of concept for a start-up and a major bottleneck that PNIP will help to address through its global award-winning investment readiness curriculum and matchmaking platform”, believes Mr. Ghani.

Zahid Ali is a renowned ICT business transformation leader and domain expert having worked with hundreds of young entrepreneurs from diverse industries especially Fin-Tech and Health-Tech as a mentor. Having worked on the design and development of Fin-Tech solutions in the UK, Middle East, US, and Pakistan, Zahid Ali has a special interest in big data, emerging technologies, entrepreneurship, technology innovations, and healthcare business transformation.

PNIP is implementing the first of its kind investor readiness program that has been developed through the lens of an investor and developed in collaboration with BiD Network and FMO. It can be accessed by all startups free of cost at