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Neon is Bringing a New and Improved Electric Bike to Pakistan

After the success of its all-electric motorbike M3, Neon is gearing up to launch its next variant, a company official told ProPakistani on condition of anonymity.

The company is, however, awaiting more clarity from the government regarding its policy on electric bikes and vehicles. The Pakistan-based company imports electric bikes from China and its earlier models have been received quite well in the country.

Powered by a 2,000-watt motor, M3 is completely automatic and promises great performance. The features for the upcoming model are not yet revealed by the company, however, it is likely to offer better performance and comfort with advanced features as compared to the earlier models.

The launch price for M3 in August last year was kept at Rs 128,000, which means that the latest model will be well above this price tag. The electric bike enthusiasts will also want to see an improved range as M3 can travel up to 50 km on a single charge.

  • it will be succeeded only if electrcity prices will be lower down untill and unless it is not usefull

  • 50 KM is nothing, they should try to improve the travel time to at least 90 KM on a single charge. Moreover, Electricity to oil ration is not balanced in our country like Europe so the success of electric vehicle is solely dependent on the electricity production.

  • too small bike, low quality. I don’t care about the price. I would pay for the quality.

  • Price same as Yamaha yb125z range only 50 km is not good range less then 150km is not good at all. When the batteries are 2 years old then the range will b less then 30km. Battery price and life not mentioned here. What they hiding?
    Thank you.

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