Pakistanis Are Preferred Candidates for 350,000 Jobs in Japan

To overcome the lack of manpower, Japan has invited foreigners to apply for over 350,000 jobs in the country. The East Asian country has placed Pakistan among the top 10 preferred countries owing to the relationship between the two countries, the Japanese Ambassador said in Islamabad this week.

The 350,000 opportunities have been created specifically for foreigners owing to the fact that Japan is facing a shortage of young human resources as the number of elderly people in Japan is increasing by the day.

The envoy expects that a large number of Pakistanis will move to Japan for their livelihood. He, however, told that workers who are able to bear their expenses will be given jobs in Japan.

We are looking forward to many more talented young Pakistanis come to live and work in Japan.

Educated youth can apply however, those proficient in the Japanese language will be preferred for these jobs. To apply for a visa, visit the official website of the Japanese embassy in Pakistan.

Via Samaa

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  • Why are you misleading your audience? The link does not have ANY info about jobs where Pakistanis are preferred.

    Why would you act like those Youtube video authors that only make the videos to gather view and nothing in them is factual.

    If you have any honesty left please remove this article OR provide facts that are provable. (link to source)

    • It is mentioned above:
      To apply for a visa, visit the official website of the Japanese embassy in Pakistan.
      For Visa applying, that link is given not for applying Job.

      However, author should mention a credible link of the source.

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