Emirates Wants Boeing Aircraft to be Tested in ‘Hell on Earth’ Conditions

The President of the Emirates, Tim Clark, has said that the company wants Boeing’s upcoming 777x aircraft to be tested like ‘hell on Earth’ to meet the flight safety and performance expectations.

“We need to be absolutely sure that as she comes together, as she starts flying, everything is done in a manner that it should be done,” Clark said of the 777x.

“I want one aircraft to go through hell on Earth basically to make sure it all works.”


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Clark made these remarks while speaking at the Dubai Airshow earlier this week, hours after meeting the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Emirates has also demanded the new Boeing jet to be tested for at least 16 months before it is commercially available.

The testing of new Boeing jets has been under scrutiny since two Boeing 737 MAX aircraft met fatal accidents.

The company, initially set to deliver the first batch late this year, has now delayed it due to increased scrutiny.


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Though the company has announced to be working on the fix, many airlines have accused them of over-promises on the performance of the engine.

On the other hand, the federal aviation administration has been under fire for giving a ‘favorable’ review of the MAX. The US congressional committees have also raised eyebrows, questioning the close relationship between the FAA and Boeing.

With the certification of new Boeing jets awaiting, pressure has been mounting on the US FAA to improve its review process after the two Boeing disasters.