Be More Like a Koala: Ramiz Raja Tells Pakistani Openers

Former Pakistan cricketer Ramiz Raja has given a rather strange piece of advice to the Pakistani openers.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, Ramiz said that Pakistani batsman should take inspiration from a Koala. Yes, the animal!


Ramiz explained that a Koala takes each step with caution and they are especially concerned about their own safety.

A Koala is a beautiful animal. Looking at them I want to convey a message to the Pakistan openers. The Koala puts a lot of thought in each step. They spend life on the basis of safety and security.

He implied that Pakistani batsmen should also follow the same approach and remain cautious until lunch and guard their wicket with their lives.

My message for the openers is to be like a Koala in the first session of the innings. Be safe and secure on the pitch, go to sleep and don’t worry about anything else. The Koala wakes up at lunch time and our openers should follow suit.

Ramiz claimed that Pakistan’s rather poor performance in the first Test match prompted him to come up with this theory, which has the potential to help the batsmen.

Pakistan will play Australia at the Adelaide on 29th of November, which will be the final Test of the series.

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