Band, Baaja Aur SWVL!

GUYS IT’S WINTER TIME! What does that mean for all us desis? Long coats, warm drinks and bonfires! Errr… no! It means SHAADI SEASON is here.

Time to attend a million dance practices yet still forget the moves on the actual day, and meet all those door kay rishtaydaar who will be giving you a tough time yet providing some entertainment for sure! So yes gotta love Shaadi Season for one reason or another.

We love Shaadi Season because it’s a time to celebrate and we’ve just spotted SWVL team doing just that and more! SWVL, an app-based bus hailing service in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, is celebrating Shaadi fever with the cutest campaign – they’re giving out customized promo codes to couples!

A few hours back SWVL launched a campaign asking all lovebirds to tag their humsafar for a chance to winnn *drumrolls* a honeymoon trip to Dubai! Matlab a free trip? Somebody paying for your travel? Isn’t that a dream come true!

SWVL asked Dulhas and Dulhans to simply tag their better halves in the comments and replied with customised promo codes.

The couple who has used the promocode the most will win a FREE honeymoon trip to Dubai–two return tickets! Imagine, someone paying for your honeymoon trip! You can’t right? Neither can we! But SWVL can! SWVL will also be providing free transportation to all attendees for the wedding. Winners will be announced soon. We can’t wait to see who the lucky couple is.

Do you know anyone getting married this shaadi season? Matlab is that even a question? How can you NOT? Tag your dulha-dulhan dost to be or your better half in our comments.

SWVL, began its operations in Pakistan in July and has spread across Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. In just a few months SWVL has managed to disrupt Pakistan’s transportation sector by providing state of the art service at economical rates.

The company operates bus lines on fixed routes with customers boarding the buses from specific pick-up spots to be dropped off at their preferred stations. You can download the SWVL app through playstore or appstore. So what are you waiting for download the app now and SWVL around.

  • Hey Swvl, I really appreciate your campaign, but one thing is missing. Kindly run an awareness campaign on how Swvl works, and how it can save money.

    This video is good, but not the best. People don’t know how to use it. You can give a tough time to Uber and Careem, but only when people know how to use.

    Even my friends don’t know how to use Uber, how to order from Daraz, and many more.

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