PM Khan Hints At Restoring Student Unions

Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Sunday, hinted at restoring the student unions in colleges and universities after introducing a ‘comprehensive and enforceable code of conduct.’

His remarks on Twitter came just days after the country-wide Students Solidarity March concluded. While the left-wing socialists dominated the march, many leaders of the ruling party also supported the primary demand, which is the restoration of student unions.

Khan’s remarks on Twitter, however, were more of a balancing act.

He showed his agreement for the demands but, at the same time, underscored the need for a comprehensive code of conduct to save these unions from being a tool for the political parties.


Khan vowed to introduce reforms as per the international standards to yield positive results.


Note that over 25 student organizations from across the country and people from all walks of life staged rallies and demonstrations in more than 50 cities across Pakistan on November 29.

The protestors demanded the introduction of a class-less education system, a reversal of unjust fee hikes from universities, better on-campus facilities, and the revival of HEC funds.

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