SHC Orders Govt to Table Bills on CNG Use in Vehicles

On Wednesday, the Sindh High Court issued directives to the provincial law officer asking them to place the bills and amendments pertaining to the Sindh CNG Kit Cylinder Fitness Authority and the Provincial Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Ordinance be presented to the cabinet for further action within 15 days.

The directives were issued by the SHC whilst hearing petitions filed by Muzamil Mumtaz Meo and Tariq Mansoor regarding the usage of CNG kits and cylinders in public transport and school vans.

The All Pakistan CNG Association and others have already challenged the ban by the government on use of CNG in intercity buses, and school transport vehicles.

A copy of the summary regarding the cabinet’s approval of draft bills was submitted before the court by additional advocate general Sindh. The draft bills will detail the Sindh CNG Kit Cylinders Fitness Authority and changes in the Provincial Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Ordinance 1965.

The provincial law officer has stated that both these bills will be presented at the next cabinet meeting and SHC has ordered the officer to ensure that they are placed in front of the cabinet within 15 days. Furthermore, the court has asked the officer to file a compliance report by December 20.

The court noted that the Supreme Court has already handed down directions related to CNG cylinders and public service vehicles. The court added that it is unfortunate that while the mechanism had been laid down, it hadn’t been properly implemented.