Shaheen Motorbike Squads Launched in Islamabad to Prevent Street Crime

Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) has been working to better manage and monitor the traffic in the capital. Earlier this year, they announced a traffic management system that would allow a smoother traffic flow and prevent traffic jams across the major thoroughfares.

The ITP has announced an e-challan system as well to help facilitate the citizens in the city. To help curb street crime in the federal capital and instill confidence on the streets, Waqar Uddin Syed, Deputy Inspector General of Police (Operations) Islamabad, has announced a police motorbike squad that will be patrolling the city.

In a tweet, the DIG said,

The motorbike patrol seems similar to the one implemented in Lahore called the Dolphin Force, under which two police officers on a motorbike patrol throughout the city.

  • Karachi kia lawaris hai? Karachi me jitna street crime hai pooray Pakistani me mila k b itna nahi hai. Lekin humari koi sunta q nahi hai bhai? Hum log koi 20-30 saalon se bardaasht kar rahay hain street crime ko. Sab se ziada tax b hum den aur phir 3rd rate citizen b hum.

      • han sub se ziyada tax. Jhand faqeer ho tum log. Hummary tukron pe pul rahy ho. Nhe to na lo ne karachi ka Paise, lug pata jaye ga.

        • Bhai it’s not about karachi or any other part. It’s about who has the right to rule over you. PTI does NOT have the right to rule over Karachi and fix it’s problems. Not even PML who introduced these bik thing.

          Stop giving the right to tried parties like MQM and PPP. Bring in other parties who may do things differently.

          As for getting the most tax this has little to do with the people of Karachi and most of it has to do with God given advantage, which is sole port city of Pakistan. (Gawadar does not count yet. )

          Most of the business must go through Karachi to tax to wheen khata ho na bhai. Most businesses have headquarters in Karachi. Port cities ALL over the world have this advantage. It’s not only Karachi.

          Even then most traders do not even want to get registered for tax in Karachi or other parts of Pakistan.

          Tu sincere advice, STOP bringing in PPP and MQM. Select people who can server Karachi bit better. Prayers for brothers and sisters in Karachi.

          • Bhaijan we don’t bring PPP and MQM. I can speak for myself and my family, and we’ve never voted for either of those parties. PPP gets elected because they have wadera system in interior Sindh and we’ve largely stopped bringing MQM in.

          • “God given advantage”

            Sirf is liye k Karachi ka port God given advantage hai is ka ye matlab nahi k Karachi pooray mulk ko nahi paal raha. Karachi k bagher mulk chala k dikha do nahi to.

          • Har city k “God given advantages” hotay hain. Islamabad k alag hain, Lahore k alag hain, Karachi k apnay advantages hain. Poocha sirf ye ja raha hai k Karachi k civilians ki protection k liye koi q nahi hai. Paisa b to humara hi khata hai na poora Pakistan?

      • Bhai jan mene na to kabi in dono parties ko vote diya hai na hi kabi doonga. Grow up and stop putting all people in one box just because they live in Karachi.

        Secondly Karachi contributes more tax than all of Punjab combined. You can look it up in the SBP statistics.

  • I think the picture in your article has better bikes and they look like from Lahore. The Dolphin Squad. The video has inferior bikes, which what Islamabad got.

    ISD should have also gotten better bikes so they are more intimidating to street criminals and perform better in a chase. May be they wanted to do this in lower budget.

  • Let’s see since Dolphin force was waste of money as they were never been able to control street crimes, always after the crime was done they arrived and never were able to grab guilty. Let see how this Islamabad gets secured as in G11 main double road gun point crime happened and police was never supportive back in 2011. No hope in police honestly.

  • Inshallah performance will be 0/sanata like Lahore street crime will increase by 40%. Punjab Police a name of Shame

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