Yaris Sedan 2020 Launch Imminent, Retail Models Spotted in Pakistan

Earlier this year, there had been reports that Toyota Indus Motor Corporation (IMC) was looking to discontinue its Corolla Xli and Gli and replace them with another model, the Yaris 2020.

This news has been confirmed with pictures of the Yaris going viral across multiple social media platforms in Pakistan. Earlier, the Yaris was seen while being tested on the local roads here. According to reports, the car has multiple color options which include Red, White, and Brown.


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Currently, the Yaris Sedan is available in other markets across Asia including India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia. While the car is the same in these markets, it is sold under different names such as Vios in Malaysia, and Yaris and Yaris Ativ in both the Indian and Thai markets.

The Yaris is loaded with features in the international market such as multiple airbags, tachometer, heating option on the front seats, satellite navigation, Xenon headlights, and fog lamps at the back.


The reports further say that the Yaris will have both manual and automatic transmission variants. It is highly likely that the car will have a 1.3-liter engine as an option but chances are that Toyota might offer one with a 1.5-liter engine as well. It is expected to be available in the market by the


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first quarter of 2020.

Some of the features available in the Yaris are standard at the global level but in terms of the local market, they are only available in the high-end models. It will be interesting to see what features the local Yaris will have.

The Toyota Yaris 2020 is expected to cost around Rs. 2.4 million.

  • at least put the right pictures. you guys are showing a us-spec model which is NOT going to come here

  • whatever comes out of the factories of Toyota, Honda and Suzuki do not expect it until it is tear down of the goodies. just check the recently launched alto with the model that is imported. we need to make our house in order and these looters will either behave or run away.

  • I dont think they will launch it in 2.4 million.IMC will give same 1.3 engine with smaller body than corolla and the price will be little higher.
    Pakistani automobile industry is mafia where customer have no.choice.

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