Public Demand: EasyPaisa Releases Full Version of Babiya by Sajjad Ali

Some jingles become iconic for the brand when people start to like them. How many can we recall from recent times to be memorable ones? Babiya has become such an iconic jingle to release the new Easypaisa app that the TVC has made new records.

Who would have thought to use Iconic “Babiya” as a jingle? until the launch of new & improved Easypaisa app with a TVC that has took us all by storm. Easypaisa’s rendition of Sajjad Ali’s Iconic “Babiya” as a jingle was as fresh & lively as it can get.

Such fun vibes with the execution of the TVC that it garnered 10 Million views within first week of its release. The jingle became a sensational hit & was so compelling yet peppy that people have watched it like a soundtrack. Again n again!!

Easypaisa’s rendition of Sajjad Ali’s “Babiya” left people craving for more. There’s a kind of national consensus that we deserve full version of the song now after so many years.

Fresh, lively & catchy. Thanks to Easypaisa for making Babiya a sensational hit just like when it was released decades ago & become a chart buster (remember? we had our own music channel charts).

The Full song release requests were made by so many social media users that even Sajjad Ali got impressed & released a video talking to fans about the song & his experience of reliving Babiya.

Easypaisa can’t let this go for sure. They stepped up to live up to the expectations & collaborated with Sajjad Ali to record fresh & happy “Babiya” rendition as a full throttle song on national demand.

Congratulations!! Yass!! We made it happen.

Baby O Babiya aaa!!! We all have been blessed with “Babiya” full version and it is on the top of our playlist now.

Thank you Easypaisa for making this happen. You have won over your fans heart with this move.

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