Xiaomi Launches a Smart Walkie Talkie With 5000 KM Range

Xiaomi’s Youpin crowdfunding platform is famous for introducing smart home appliances and gadgets, and today is no different. The latest addition to the platform is a Gigabee Smart Walkie-talkie that offers a variety of features for just $57.

The device is equipped with WiFi and 4G and has a maximum range of 5,000 kilometers. Users get a free 4G SIM and a year’s worth of free 4G internet when they purchase the walkie talkie.

The Gigabee Smart Walkie-talkie can also make phone calls to smartphones and tablets other than basic walkie-talkie functionality. These calls can be recorded and played back repeatedly as well. It also features Beidou’s GPS hybrid positioning system to enable live location tracking without an internet connection.

The battery can be charged through a USB Type C port and can power the device for 40 hours.

The Gigabee Smart Walkie-Talkie is available right now in snowy white and deep space blue colors for $57. Unfortunately, it’s only available in China for now.

    • It’s 5000km.
      This unique gadget is going to be a revolutionary change in mobile/cellular application’s.

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