Telenor Claims It’s the Country’s First Network to Enable FTTT (Fiber to the Tower)

In what the company’s claiming to be an industry’s first, Telenor Pakistan has enabled FTTT (Fiber to the Tower) on its network. The initiative is aimed at enhancing customer experience and strengthening Telenor’s network to achieve optimum readiness for emerging technologies.

As the hunger for data grows at an unprecedented pace both in terms of speed and volume, Telenor Pakistan continues to deliver on its commitment to innovate and provide an unmatched customer experience.

The FTTT (Fiber to the Tower) technology will enable Telenor Pakistan to be 5G ready while allowing for much higher bandwidth transport capability for every FTTT-powered site.

FTTT will allow for a much faster and smoother internet experience, lag-free online gaming for games such as PUBG & Fortnite, improved voice and video calls over IP applications such as Skype and WhatsApp, enabling users to experience true broadband-like service.

The technology will also improve network reliability in extreme weather conditions gaining significant advantage over conventional solutions allowing Telenor Pakistan customers to experience uninterrupted data services.

“Latency, or the speed at which communications take place, is the decisive parameter for the networks of the future,” said Khurrum Ashfaque, Chief Technology Officer and Deputy CEO, Telenor Pakistan.

“With customer-centricity being at the core of our operations at Telenor Pakistan, we have been taking bold steps to boost data speeds and help Pakistanis embark on a digital future that we envision.


With better connectivity, doors to new possibilities will open for millions of Pakistanis and the country will witness empowerment on both macro and micro levels. Working with leading fiber infrastructure partners, FTTT is the latest development in Telenor Pakistan’s measures for technological innovation and is a hallmark achievement in the company’s journey towards a Digital Pakistan.”

Telenor Pakistan has been a major Player in the introduction of new and innovative solutions for its discerning customers.

The company has always been a front-runner in the growth of technology and innovation, introducing the country’s first VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and 4.5G networks, and having a diverse portfolio of digital services and products. With FTTT, Telenor Pakistan is geared to bring Pakistan into a new era of technological innovation by enabling its customers to fully reap the benefits of flawless communication.

  • Telenor claims a lot to get a place in media. They are Pakistan’s first VoLTE network since January 2019, in media only.

    Also, all of these networks provide quality services only in city areas. Even 2G doesn’t work properly outside cities. Except of Zong’s.

    • Coverage of Telenor is better, internet of Zong is better.

      I am Telenor customer and I cannot give up Telenor just because Zong has better net. Telenor is good in other aspects.

  • Telenor is worst service provider in pakistan. On ground its network is not good even to open smoothly while in announcements and claims its 4g.

    • If they are so bad how come they have 45 million subscribers and growing ? Every operator has strong and weak coverage areas. Where i live and work, telenor has the best service along with zong, jazz doesnt even come close, so that means jazz should be kicked out of pakistan? Telenor also has the best service out side of cities where majority 70% pakistanis live, yet to see jazz and zong provide such strong rural coverage

      • rightly put by Ibrahim, Telenor does have many strong areas and people are happy especially their Easy paisa was a quantum leap for Pakistan and many rural areas where commercial banks were not present, this Easy paisa made life easy for ease of transactions for all.

      • That’s because of mentality of Pakistani consumers. They don’t make choices by research.

        Jazz is top network, even those suffer who don’t use Jazz. Whenever we call a Jazz customer we have to drop call because of no audio issue then call again. And these days a new problem, it matches line to the wrong numbers. Jazz customers sometimes receive SMS after 5 minutes.

        Other examples of popular choices of our people are Honda 70cc, Honda 125, Mehran.

  • I think its better they focus on their network performance instead of industry first… blah blah blah…. there are lots of R&D centers whose spends billions to bring new technologies …how they are claiming it so easily to called it industry’s first ….misleading totally .. IMPROVE YOUR SERVICES FIRST!!!! ….that’s all we want from you.

    • This is a major step to improve their performance i think. Lets wait and see, i believe its going to have a very positive impact on Telenor’s data offering and help bridge the gap in market. What do you think?

      • yes – no other operator (Jazz or Zon) has put FTTT to enhance the speed. It is like having new tyres for your car which will help you achieve better speed.
        Jazz and Zong are on Microwave link to site which inherently has low bandwidth than fiber !

  • This is false and misleading. Telenor is not the first operator. Others have done this much earlier. Shame on Telenor for unnecessarily claiming something through lies.

    • It’s propakistni duty to publish only authentic claims /news ! I urge propakisni to take strong action against the ones involved is such fabricated publications & false claims

    • There is nothing wrong in the claim. In the end this will benefit the users. What is wrong is that using positive news coming out of pakistan to create an issue for no reason like you are doing, posting same thing over and over again with from different accounts. Be happy, millions of Pakistani citizens are going to get improved experience :)

  • More false claims. Strangely either they are knowingly making false claims or incompetent to even know that are not the first.

    • Incompetency is A synonym for telenor , & my sympathies are with such leaders who have to depend on such bench of liars !
      Get going propaksitani, and get this sorted out by deleting this post with an apology !

  • telenor pt zong walo na nya drama lgaya howa ha aghr bijli bnd ho to sath he tower b bnda call b nahe kr skta …… raat ko zong walo ki speeed asay ho jati ha jasy pakistan railway chaltii ha

    • Tower ki batteries achi price mai nikal jati hain.phir operator araam sy 300 rupay kilo tamator khreed k so jata hy.
      Or backup generators k diesel ka to bilkul mt puchna.
      Wo weekly basis py milta hy.
      Telenor is not bad actually our ground staff (Pakistani crew) is corrupt.

  • PTA b so raha ha koe action nahe in k khilaf companies ko pabend kry k proper speed maintain kry

  • False claim, Jazz is way above in terms of FTTS, TP should check facts and stats before making such claims on media, seems they are doing R&D on social media only rather than focusing on execution on ground

  • Strange to see is not validating any statements and just releasing them on their web page ! I’m not amazed by telenor z rubbish propaganda rather by a relatively reliable Propakistan is losing its credibility with such false posts !

  • Telenor walao ka jooth hi saara in Nay claims ki 4.5 G hamara ay ga khan hi zong walo 4.5 G shoro kar dia hi bhakkar city aur mainwali main test per shoro kar dia hi baqi mulk main January tahk shroo ho jay chlo ki kami to horahi industry first say

  • Before celebrating please improve your services first. Very sorry to say but even operating for years in gilgit-Baltistan you guys are still unable to provide basic services (3g) it says it is but runs as an egde. Not just in gb but almost outside every big city. Its not someone thing I am sharing. I and thousands of other users feel the same. Sometimes accounts drains automatically.

  • Congratulations Telenor Pakistan on achieving another industry first. FTTT is an important milestone which shows the company is committed to providing quality services to the consumers

  • Telenor service of great for me and for my family. Yeah there might be couple of issues but that doesn’t take the whole equation down.

    It’s a great service

  • Being a loyal telenor user i must say its a big news. Instead of being negative we should take this as life changing need for the consumers

  • Great news! We need such things for a digital Pakistan. Aur mein ne tau aur kisi telecom company ke baray mein yeh khabar nahi suni so we should appreciate when good development happens

  • A true commitment that will definitely pave path for digital Pakistan. Like easypaisa was a flagship project for e-financial payments, FTTT will provide high speed backhaul and will provide a 5G ready network. Telenor will have to seriously think about additional spectrum acquisition to truly get benefit of fiber to the tower.
    As a loyal customer, I’ve my finger crossed…

  • It is a positive effort and will eventually help in providing better services to customers. FTTT is right foundation for future networks.

  • Great News! It will definitely improve the quality of services which is promised by Telenor Pakistan.

  • Digital Pakistan with Telenor, Telenor innovation always make users life comfortable like easy paisa and easyload services. As a Telenor user, I believe that data services will be improved with this FTTT technology.

  • Good initiative much appreciated, Telenor providing most advance network to its subscribers in Pakistan.

  • Been a Telenor user for a long time…perhaps since its start. Hardly ever had a complaint about the service…the packages and offers are also suit people’s needs.

  • Great service provider except some rare down times, which I’m sure every other cellular operator faces everywhere in the world. I hope this development improves Telenor service further.

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