Hyundai Invents New Noise Reduction System for Cars That Eliminates All Sounds

The Hyundai Motor company has stated they are working on the first-ever Road Noise Active Noise Control (RANC) system that will drastically help cut noise within the cabin of a vehicle.

The RANC uses the current Active Noise Control (ANC) technology, which actively cuts noise by emanating soundwaves overturned to incoming noise. ANC is a software-driven tech that studies the in-cabin sound to reduce engine and road noise, as compared to using insulation to block sounds.


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The current noise insulation technique relies on sound insulation and dynamic dampers but they add to the weight and also fail to cutout the buzzing infrasound completely. On the other hand, the ANC uses lighter components such as microphones and controllers to monitor the noise and does it efficiently.

However, the ANC was limited due to noise measurement and analysis tech meaning that it was used to counter constant engine noise but with the help of RANC, the Hyundai Motor Group is able to greatly improve in-cabin quietness.

Various tests show that the RANC is able to cut down in-cabin noise by 3dB – almost half the noise level without RANC. This development can help Hyundai hypothetically cut down the weight of a car and use less sound-insulating parts and dampers than before.


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Gangdeok Lee, a Research Fellow of NVH Research Lab said,

RANC is a remarkable technology which takes existing NVH technology to the next level. We will continue to take the leading position of NVH technology and deliver the highest level of quietness to customers.

The technology will be rolled out in the upcoming Genesis model and future electric vehicles from the company.

  • “invent” would be a completely wrong word for it because this technology of inverted sound wave cancelling the real one was invented by bose almost a year ago with their speakers so it’s not new

  • please don’t put the heading as (Hyundai invents) and in the first para, you write they are working on… if they are working on, this means they have not invented yet… please don’t put these surprising headings where there are not much content to it…

  • this is called noice cancellation technology and it has been here for the past 60+ years..

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