Pakistan Observes Black Day in The Memory of 2014 APS Peshawar Attack

In memory of the martyrs of the horrible Army Public School (APS) Peshawar attack in 2014, Pakistan is observing a Black Day today.

On this day, the enemies of the country cowardly attacked APS Peshawar, martyring 144 students and teachers. The teary-eyed last prayers of the young students are still etched in the memories of their fellow students and everyone across the country.

The loss of the parents is unimaginable, however, the incident has united us all against all forms of extremism.

Since then, Pakistan has notched up its efforts to expunge extremists and it is a safer place than ever before. Tourism is on the rise and so is the economic activity, which highlights the country’s resolve to curb all forms of terrorism no matter the cost.

Twitter is flooded with messages of love and remembrance for all those who lost their lives to the evil of terrorism 5 years ago.

Share your messages of love for the departed souls in the comment section.

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