PUBG Corp is Making a New First Person Game

PUBG Corp’s next big project, Prologue, was unveiled during The Game Awards 2019 last week. The game was teased in a 30-second teaser that doesn’t reveal much but does give a hint of what to expect.

Have a look.

The teaser starts off in an ominous forest during a heavy rainstorm. The anonymous protagonist worriedly scans the environment as the sounds of barking dogs draws closer. The scene cuts off just before the protagonist turns and looks behind, giving obvious horror/thriller survival game vibes.

Not Related to PUBG

Brendan Greene, creator of PUBG and project head for Prologue has revealed that the game is in no way related to PUBG and is not even a shooter.

He and his developer team have been working on Prologue for 9 months and it’ll be quite some time before they’re ready to reveal something new.

He says:

This is the first step in the journey for me. We set up the studio and founded it with the goal of experimenting with new technology. Now we’re taking that first step towards building new technologies, and Prologue is the first step into the new world for us. I wanted the chance to deliver something new on a global scale.

Ambitious Project

With Prologue, Greene is hoping to create a large scale world that spans hundreds of kilometers with thousands of people roaming everywhere. Such a dream, of course, is not easy to achieve and the team is still working on figuring things out.

Needless to say, Prologue is still in its early stages and won’t be coming anytime soon.