US President Trump Impeached in Historic Vote

The House of Representatives has impeached US President Donald Trump in a historic vote. With this development, Trump just became the third president after Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton to have been impeached in US history.

The trial, however, has now been sent to Senate for the final decision on Trump’s future in the oval office.

Trump was facing two charges when the House of Representatives began voting on Thursday – one for abuse of power and the other for obstructing Congress.


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While all Democrats voted against the US President, all Republicans voted for him, setting up for the final trial in the Senate.

With Republicans enjoying a clear majority in the Upper House, it is highly unlikely that Trump will be ousted from power. However, observers feel that the move will only strengthen Trump’s chances of re-election as  President when the country votes next November.

What is Next for Trump?

As the case is now in the Senate, where Trump’s party is in the majority, the chances of his expulsion from the office are slim to none. The Republicans have already said that they will act in “total co-ordination” with the president’s team during the trial. The Senate will vote on the matter soon.

With his eyes on the next polls, Trump will most-likely emerge victorious from the impeachment trial and turbocharge his election campaign.