Xiaomi’s Ninebot Launches Affordable Electric Bikes

Ninebot, an ecological chain company of Xiaomi has showcased its first batch of electric motorbikes in China. The company has unveiled multiple e-bikes categorized under the reasonable C-series and the more classy E-series. The company also showcased the Segway Apex concept electric power bike but it won’t be available for now.

Ninebot C-series

The C-series is an entry-level e-bike that meets China’s new standard which limits the max speed of e-bikes to 25 km/h (15.5 mph).  It is available in multiple colors and while the body is made of plastic, the company claims they are durable and not easily scratched.

Interestingly, it also features a Ninebot AirLock + NFC unlocking method, meaning it can be unlocked with the help of an NFC-enabled Smartphone or an NFC card. The card lock is also directly linked to the rear wheel of the electric bike.

Keeping in mind the minimalist design, it also has very simplified central controls with a light ring at both the left and right side of the handlebars. They have three different colors, yellow, red and green, with each showing a different state of the bike. If the ring lights flash yellow, it means that the bike is on standby, it will be green when the bike is being driven and red will indicate a fault in the bike. The instrument cluster fitted in the middle will indicate speed and the remaining battery.

Even the control buttons on the handlebar have also been redone with the left side featuring the horn button and the right side housing the start/fixed cruise/battery cover button.

The bike weighs around 50kg and comes with a separate seat for infants and children. It has a two-stage shock absorber and the brakes have a front butterfly and rear drum setup for better safety.

The bike is powered by a lithium battery which weighs only 5.8kg and provides a range of 85km. It also comes with IPX7 water resistance.

Pricing & Availability

As mentioned earlier, the new Ninebot C series features three models including the C40, C60, and C80. They are priced as follows:

  • Ninebot C40 fitted with a 48V 16ah lithium battery and can do 35 to 45 km has a price-tag of 3999 yuan ($571).
  • Ninebot C60 featuring a custom 20ah lithium battery that helps it cover 55-65 km can be yours at 4699 yuan ($671).
  • Ninebot C80 boasting a 24ah battery allowing it to do 75-85 km is priced at 5599 yuan ($800).

The company is offering customers a lengthy warranty service of 3 years for battery, 6 years for motor, and lifetime frame warranty.

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    • You can buy it anything from any world, pay the duties and taxes but right now in Pakistan Electric Car / Bike have no proper SRO system in WEBOC it will take some days or a month to launch a new policy for the Import of Electric Bike / Car.
      However, you can import it as personal use.

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