Germany Introduces the World’s First Esports Visa

A gamer’s dream of entering the international Esports scene is often crushed due to financial issues or the complication of procedures involved.

However, luckily for competitive gaming enthusiasts, Germany is about to end that obstacle by introducing the world’s first Esports dedicated visa. This visa aims to provide professional players from third world countries an easy procedure for a lifetime of residency in Germany.

This was made possible by the Esports Bund Deutschland (ESBD), a German association of organized Esports. Hans Jagnow, President at ESBD, commented on their proud achievement as:

Our determined effort over the last two years finally paid off. Visa issues at Esports events in Germany will be a story of the past. The explicit recognition by the German government is an important signal in the national and international discussion about Esports.

The Requirements

The visa, of course, has an eligibility criterion that requires a minimum age of 16, a certain salary, and confirmation of professional activity with an association in the country. A full list of eligible countries hasn’t been revealed yet, but the publication does quote “Non-EU third world countries”, which does fit Pakistan.

The Esports visa is set to become official in collaboration with the Skilled Immigration Act in March 2020.