Lahore Ring Road’s Toll Tax Gets a Massive Hike

The administration at Lahore’s capital has hiked the toll tax on the Lahore’s Ring Road, increasing it by up to Rs. 100 and in the process dealing a huge blow to daily commuters.

There has been an increase in all the categories with the biggest being in the truck/trailer one which has gone from Rs. 350 to Rs. 450. The staggering tax increase has already come into effect from 22nd December, 2019.

The transporters have hit back at the hike terming these consistent increases as a serious damage to their business.

You can see the new prices below:

Vehicle Type Old Rates
(Rs. )
New Rates
(Rs. )
(Rs. )
Car/Jeep 35 45 10
Hiace Wagon 70 90 20
Mini Bus 70 90 20
Bus 175 230 55
Loader Pickup 210 270 60
Truck/Trailer 350 450 100


This isn’t the first time the toll tax has been hiked. The last time this was done was in 2017 after the southern loop was completed and the officials had increased the tax on cars and jeeps to Rs. 35 from Rs. 20. Before the hike in 2017, it was hiked in 2016 with the tax on cars being increased from Rs. 10 to Rs. 15 in April 2016.

The Ring Road facilitates the people of the city by offering a speedy and congestion-free route across the city. The final part of the road is yet to be built under a private-public partnership.

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  • Janab a little bit fact checking will serve the readers well. The toll tax hike for Ring Road is done by the Army operated organization who operates Ring Road. The government has nothing to do with it. First hike also were done by them. Thank you.

    • Don’t expect any quality from this website, they only want to get views and revenue, there is nothing like editorial exists.

        • You’re right. That it is unwarranted but who can challenge the decisions of Military in this country? I don’t think anyone can. No court can do it and no government can. They are our kings and we have to accept whatever they decide for us. Those who question them are branded unpatriotic and thankless of all the good Army does.

  • Commuters will shift this burden to end user. Shame on Lahore Administration.
    Money is their all target. What if it’s under supervision of ARMY- where there is a corruption in Civil Administration, Army/Private sector come forward to build and collect toll tax.

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