Sri Lankan Commentator Speaks Up on Poor Immigration Services at Karachi Airport

Roshan Abeysinghe, who was in Pakistan to commentate in the two-match Test series, was all praise for Pakistan’s hospitality, security arrangements, food, and whatnot until he went to Karachi international airport to return home.

The immigration services at the airport have highly disappointed the Sri Lankan commentator after “inefficient officers coupled with lack of professionalism delayed the Qatar flight by almost 1.5 hours”.


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The 56-year-old took to Facebook to highlight the poor services at such an important place.

Sadly for all the beautiful hospitality and service Pakistan offered, the immigration service at the Karachi international airport is in shambles.

“It’s been a heartburn for many trying catch connecting flights out of Doha going home for Christmas. Such poor service at an important institution such as an airport can create a terrible image about Pakistan undoing all the good work of the rest of the country. Absolutely dismayed to be honest”, Abeysinghe further wrote.

Sadly for all the beautiful hospitality and service Pakistan offered, the immigration service at the Karachi…

Geplaatst door Roshan Abeysinghe op Maandag 23 december 2019

The former first-class Sri Lankan cricketer’s words could have serious consequences for Pakistan especially after doing such a great job with hosting the all-important Test series.


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With all eyes on Pakistan, incidents like these can change the perception of the foreign cricketers, coaching staff, commentators, broadcasters and match officials, especially when the country is hoping to stage regular series against all the top cricketing nations.

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Feature Writer

  • As far as I know, the Immigration department in all the International Airports in Pakistan need behavior training.

  • Asslamo Alaikum viewers
    This is a global truth that a immigration of Karachi doing bad misbehave with the innocent passengers today everyone read the Sri Lankan commentator
    Roshan Abeysinghe, who who was faced this terrible moments of the rude immigration of Karachi the other Airport of Pakistan immigration is doing better then Karachi so request that every department claim there good service provide to Srilankan team and the admitted about this behave of Pakistani.
    But question why they claims Rudy behave of Karachi airport Immigration.
    Please be think and to be a good Pakistani

  • Thats one horrible truth. All Pakistan airports are mismanaged. The staff behaves as if they are pissed at ppl traveling in and out while they stuck in there and cant leave Pakistan. We need better training and cleansing of such elements.

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