India Has Installed Heavy Weaponry on LoC: AJK President

On Wednesday, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Sardar Masood Khan, said that India has stationed heavy weaponry along the Line of Control (LOC).

While speaking to the media at the Balochistan Governor House at Quetta, Masood Khan claimed that the Modi government may be looking to repeat the events of February 2019. India’s belligerence is not only dangerous for Pakistan, but it could destabilize the entire region.


People of Kashmir are grateful to Pakistan for its unrelenting support since August 5, 2019. Pakistan has brilliantly fought the case of Kashmir at the diplomatic front ever since the Modi government revoked Article 370 of the Indian Constitution.

Sardar Masood Khan warned India of devastating consequences in case of a mishap along the LoC:

Indian aggressive designs are a great threat to the regional peace and security of the entire subcontinent. In case of a war, India must be ready for deadly results.

The Kashmiri President specifically highlighted the support that Balochistan has rendered since August 5. Balochistan has shown solidarity with their Kashmiri brothers by staging massive demonstrations and protest rallies all over the province. “On behalf of all Kashmiris, I would like to extend gratitude towards the people of Balochistan,” said Masood.

He urged the international community to take notice of the deteriorating situation in Indian occupied Kashmir as India has been using force to suppress them. As India and Pakistan are nuclear adversaries, any escalation of violence between the two will have catastrophic repercussions for the entire world.

Sardar Masood Khan also rebutted the unfounded Indian propaganda about some sort of compromise from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Muslim world on Kashmir. He categorically rejected the fabricated stories originating from the Indian media claiming that the Muslim world has compromised on Kashmir.

Lastly, Sardar Masood Khan called on Pakistan and India for a peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue. Any final settlement that does not incorporate the consent of the Kashmiris will be an incomplete settlement and the Kashmir issue will remain unresolved.

Via: Dawn