This Pakistani Designer Has Made a Symbol for Pakistani Rupee

There are eight countries in the world, including Pakistan, that use Rupee as their official currency. These are Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Maldives, Nepal, Mauritius, and Seychelles.

Out of these countries only two, India and Nepal have unique symbols for it. For years, other countries have used ‘Rs’ as a currency sign to represent the monetary units.

However, a renowned Pakistani design artist and travel blogger “Assam Artist” has proposed a symbol to represent Pakistan’s currency.

assam artist

According to Assam, the idea behind the move is to give Pakistani Rupee its own identity in the global market.

From the design, it occurs that the artist has given it quite a bit of thought as the symbol is a combination of Pakistan’s cultural heritage, rich history, and patriotism.

Explaining his design, Assam said:

I have merged the edges, curves, and lines of the crescent and star of the country’s flag. I also took inspiration from gender and cultural equality signs which show that we are multi-cultural people of a nation with equal rights.

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The symbol beautifully represents the country’s flag, culture, and values and also merges the ‘P’ and ‘R’ for Pakistani Rupee. Since Urdu is Pakistan’s national language, you can find glimpses of it in the symbol.

I also used two alphabets from the national language Urdu, ‘ر’ from Rupiya and ‘ا’ (alif), initial of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. It is presented as Latin with a mixture of Urdu Qalam calligraphy.

Take a look at Assam’s proposal:

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  • Sorry, but when you create a symbol, you try to test it out in real life as well. You won’t be able to write the symbol with 1, “alif”, capital “I”, or small “l” because it’s too similar. The symbol he is referring to “first-ever paper currency” is basically 1 written in Nastaliq font.

    Basically, the designer made a vertical parallelogram and spun a “brief” around it.

  • I think a simple down arrow would be more appropriate for a perpetually depreciating currency like the rupee.

    • All currencies depreciate over time. The USD is only worth 4 cents when compared to the USD of 1920s. Is this news to you?

    • And yes, by nature, all currencies will “perpetually” depreciate over time. If you’re going to be condescending, at least be intelligent about it.

  • Pure copy of indian symbol mixed with ‘R’ there’s no inspiration of persian/urdu/pakistan rupee about it.

  • Well all the dollars have same symbol $. Why can’t all the currencies using rupee as name agree to one symbol. Easier more practical. Also i don’t think it is such a complex issue that you have to burden the symbol with so many aspects nation identity etc etc. Symbol is supposed to shorten and simplify usage not vice versa

  • Really appreciate your effort! And love the symbol. Hope it receives more worthwhile recognition. Way to go!!

  • Buddy if u would have Ben in EU or somewhere they probably think and might hire u to design a new writing style and here ur talking to those who forgot IQRA so …sorry for nastaleeq or Kofi. Money just screams!

  • Symbol is complicated. It should be from Urdu fonts or simple like indian rupee… see $ is even easy to write on paper… so it should be unibody

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