Doctors in Civil Hospital Quetta Performed Surgery Under a Flashlight

Long power outages in and around Quetta after the heavy snowfall has disrupted the everyday life of citizens.

The hospitals are severely affected by power outages as it renders lifesaving equipment useless. As a result of the blackout, doctors at the Civil Hospital were forced to perform surgery under the flashlight of a smartphone.

Civil Hospital, which tends to patients from all over the province, does not have a backup generator. Sadly, such is the state of healthcare in the mineral-rich province that having a working backup generator is considered a blessing.

Spokesperson of Balochistan Young Doctors’ Association (YDA), Rahim Khan Babar, lamented lack of facilities at the Civil Hospital.

X-Ray machines and other lifesaving equipment automatically shut down due to power outage as the biggest hospital goes without a generator.

Balochistan CM Jam Kamal, Assembly Speaker Abdul Quddus Bizenjo, High Court Chief Justice Jamal Mandokhail, and provincial Health Secretary Muddasir Waheed have all visited Civil Hospital and committed millions of rupees for improving the state of affairs at the hospital. However, the announcements and claims are yet to bear fruit.

YDA once again demands from the CM to take notice of the situation and resolve it on a priority basis, said the spokesperson.

Via: Express Tribune

  • If hospital facilities are improved they will live longer, have more children and the population will rise even further.

    The doctors should migrate to foreign conditions if the working conditions in Pakistan are not to their liking. They’ll make more money abroad as well.

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