Federal Ombudsman Dealt With 74,869 Cases During 2019

The Federal Ombudsman Secretariat has received 74,869 complaints in 2019, which shows a 7.59% increase compared to 2018 when it received 69,584 complaints. It reflects the increased confidence of the public in the institution.

According to the statement, the increase in disposal of cases in 2019 has been 6.95% in comparison with the year 2018.


The Federal Ombudsman, Syed Tahir Shahbaz while addressing the Investigating Officers and Appraising team, mentioned that their performance was remarkable. He said that the performance of all provinces in improving jail conditions under prison reforms remained significant, however, more work is needed to improve the living conditions of jail inmates. He also appreciated the performance of 12 federal government agencies for their one window facilitation desks that remained present round the clock at 8 international airports.

He was chairing a performance review meeting for the period from July-December, 2019 at WMS head office, Islamabad. While briefing the ombudsman on the 6-month performance Mr. Ejaz Ahmed Qureshi, Senior Adviser, informed that 38,902 cases were received from July to December 2019 and 38,974 cases were disposed of.

He also explained the receipt and disposal of cases of all regional offices. He said that 170 cases were heard through WhatsApp/IMO/Skype during the months of October-December, 2019 from Pakistan and foreign countries. He also gave a brief view of annual performance and said that 73,059 cases were received during 2019 compared to 70,717 in 2018, an increase of 3.31%.

He said that 2054 cases were registered through the Mobile app, 11,289 through online registration and 7,852 cases were registered through the Integrated Complaint Resolution System (which were not resolved by agencies themselves within 30 days).

Furthermore, he stated that due to the successful awareness campaign on the role of Wafaqi Mohtasib, especially in remote areas of KP and Baluchistan, the number of complaints has increased considerably. He said that 84% of cases were disposed of within 60 days and only 15% of cases were disposed of within 60-90 days.

While appreciating the performance, Federal Ombudsman said that the quality of findings has improved with special efforts of the Appraising team and a very small number of cases were received for review.

The Federal Ombudsman said that although the year 2019 was a good year as far as performance is concerned, awareness campaigns will continue 2020 so that more people are made aware of the role of Wafaqi Mohtasib.