Pak Suzuki to Stop Production on Mondays

At a time when most car makers in the country were announcing to observe non-production days due to a decrease in demand and their stock piling up, Pak Suzuki Motor Company was the only one that continued its production unabated.

However, yesterday, Pak Suzuki also announced that its production facilities will remain closed for three days this month. Each Monday will be observed as a non-production day (NPD).

Traditionally, car sales pick up the pace in January each year as new models announced in the previous year make it to the showrooms. Because of the overall bleak economic outlook of the country, this trend of the auto sector has changed this year.

According to a notification issued by Pak Suzuki, every Monday in January will be observed as NPD against the backdrop of nose-diving demand. The company has also announced to slash the production of its hot-selling 660cc Alto by 25%. Pak Suzuki has registered a record drop in the sales of Cultus, Swift, Bolan, and WagorR.

To make up for the declining sales for last year, Pak Suzuki announced Rs. 50,000 – 90,000 hike in prices for all of its models for 2020.

Besides, Toyota Indus Motor Company and Honda had also observed NPDs due to a decline in demand in recent months.

Via: Dawn

  • WOW i can’t imagine a Tabdeeli like this, Mind blowing……….Beautiful……… worker will have long weekends.

    • Non production days means that the worker staff who works on the manufacturing of these vehicles won’t be paid.

  • It’s good
    The auto mobile mafia should be suffering loss.
    No one asked them why they recently hired the prices even when the dollar rate dropped.
    They increased the prices when dollar was increased. But now when the dollar dropped by 10 Rs they increased the prices.
    It will be good if people of Pakistan stop buying cars to make that mafia suffer more.

  • Pak suzuki has increased price of its cars multi times in a year. Even 660 C car rate was increased from 11Lac to 14Lac. As per economic rules / theories, this huge increase in price will decrease its demand.
    If company wants to increase denand then it must decrease prices….

  • Pak suzuki should reduce its price.
    Demand is in market but due to high price it declined sharply

  • Umeed hai tabdeeli ka keraa kafi had Tak nikal Gaya hoga .plant hamesha k Lea bhi band hohakta hai ager abhi keera baqi hai.

  • close