Hasan Ali’s Instagram Story Reveals What He Actually Feels For Sarfaraz Ahmed

Fast bowler Hasan Ali posted an emotional picture on his Instagram account, who was removed from the captaincy last year.

Back in the day, there used to rumors regarding an ‘uneasy relationship’ between Hasan Ali and Sarfaraz Ahmed. However, the facts point towards the contrary.

The image posted by Hasan Ali glorified the contributions of Sarfaraz Ahmed for Pakistan cricket, which was later re-shared by leg-spinner Shadab Khan.

Hasan’s post read:

Captain will be my captain. Sometimes he screamed at the bowlers, sometimes he went over and hugged them, sometimes he prayed behind the stumps, and then he won us matches that we had already lost. This was our captain. Lots of respect for this [Sarfaraz] man.

Following his post, many inquired whether Hasan Ali was missing Sarfaraz Ahmed as the captain of Pakistan’s side.