Surgeons Perform a First of its Kind Heart Surgery in Pakistan

For the first time, Pakistani surgeons have performed ‘His-Bundle Pacing’ procedure, an incredibly difficult process used to control irregular heartbeat through a pacemaker.

A highly specialized team of heart surgeons led by Dr. Azam Shafqat, Dr. Faisal Qadir, and Dr. Rehan Karim at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases (NICVD) performed this procedure on two patients.


Noor-ud-din, aged 45, was rushed to NICVD following a heart attack while Shamim Baig, aged 80, was brought at the facility for a slow heartbeat. Surgeons successfully implanted ‘His Bundle Pacemaker’ on both patients.

Talking to the media, Dr. Azam Shafqat said the procedures were performed successfully and the surgeons faced no complications. Both patients are expected to make a full recovery after which they would be discharged from NICVD.

About The Procedure

Dr. Faisal Qadir said that the human heart has a natural electric circuit that makes it contract and relax at regular intervals. If this circuit is damaged, heart muscles tend to become weaker resulting in an uncoordinated heartbeat.

In ‘His-Bundle Pacing’ a wire is placed within the electric circuit of the heart. The wire is then connected to a pacemaker battery so that the electric circuit resumes working to its full capacity. As a result, heart muscles become stronger and heartbeat stabilizes, according to Dr. Faisal.

Executive Director of NICVD, Professor Nadeem Qamar, said that the latest achievement is another feather in the cap of NICVD. By performing the first-ever ‘His-Bundle Pacing’ procedure in Pakistan, NICVD has now become one of the best tertiary cardiac care hospitals in the country.