Govt’s ‘Durust Daam’ App is Now Available in More Cities

At a time of severe economic crunch, illegal profiteering by the vendors of essential commodities exacerbate the matters for ordinary citizens.

Digitizing the price control mechanism, National Information Technology Board (NITB) developed ‘Durust Daam’ app that not only updates users with daily rates sanctioned by district administrations but delivers essential commodities at the doorstep of the users. The app was initially released for the citizens of Islamabad.

ICT Administration in collaboration with ⁦‪National Information Technology Board will soon launch “درست دام” mobile app…

Geplaatst door Deputy Commissioner Islamabad op Donderdag 3 oktober 2019

Answering the calls of citizens, NITB has announced to expand the coverage of ‘Durust Daam’ to Faisalabad and Balochistan.

From now on, residents of Faisalabad and Balochistan will be able to buy essential commodities at government-approved rates.

To provide maximum coverage, Durust Daam has partnered with Fowrry and Sabzi Mandi Online, promising food and shopping startups.

Youth Ambassador of the German Embassy Islamabad, Marion Pfennigs, had also endorsed the initiative of NITB. She was impressed by the service delivery and quality of Durust Daam and its partners.

Besides, DC Islamabad recently reached an agreement with Islamabad’s Nanbai Association after the latter refused to sell ‘Naan and Roti’ at rates fixed by the government due to the inflated cost price of flour. Under the agreement, district administration delivers flour to Nanbais at the government rate through the Durust Daam platform. Thus keeping the price of Naan and Roti in check.

Since its release in October last year, ‘Durust Daam’ has gained popularity among residents of different cities calling for similar initiatives from their district administrations.

For those unfamiliar with ‘Durust Daam’ read in detail here.

Here is your complete step by step guide to placing your first order at ‘Durust Daam.’

  • Govt should set up a Local Market who gives us Veg, Fruits, Meat Etc on this Price
    Because we have a law but no one want’s to implement on it.

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