WhatsApp Will Remain Ad-Free, For Now

After encountering serious opposition over its controversial plans, Facebook is finally backing away from its efforts to sell ads in WhatsApp.

The plans to monetize the app had reportedly caused its co-creator, Brian Aston to quit in protest. It may be factors such as this that forced Facebook to give up monetizing the messaging platform.

Facebook has now disbanded the developer team responsible for creating code that would integrate ads into the app. The code has also been removed from WhatsApp’s internal builds, but it may still feature ads on the Status page.

Facebook says that it is currently focusing on features to “allow businesses to communicate with customers and organize those contacts.” The app creators agree that this will weaken WhatsApp’s end to end encryption.

A Facebook representative revealed that the company may integrate ads into the app, however, for the time being, it will remain ad-free. They haven’t revealed an exact timeline for when this change will go into effect.

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  • Appreciate first logical/sensible announcement from WhatsApp., FaceBook has to make sure the credibility/respect and honor for the App., security to the users.

    Id’ve stopped using Whats App., for long time. May be I will observe, and see if its safe or not.

  • There’s probably more money to be made selling data and backdooring people’s conversations and phones.

  • I don’t know why Whatsapp should be worth it and good enough to contain ads. It’s proven by far the unsafest massenger. Any other messenger is way ahead and much more trustworthy than Whatsapp.

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