Here’s How PIA Risked It All to Save 6 People’s Lives

Opposite to the general belief, the Pakistan International Airline (PIA) is gradually improving its services and its commitment to serve the masses is quite extraordinary.

Here’s why:

Owing to the lack of medical equipment and world-class hospitals in Skardu, the national flag carrier operated two special flights to airlift 6 patients to Islamabad for treatment. Mind you, this is amidst record-breaking snow and widespread road blockages with temperatures touching -22°C.


Skardu Breaks 25 Year Old Record for Lowest Temperature in Pakistan

While the challenging conditions didn’t permit PIA to conduct its regular flights between 11th and 17th January, the flag carrier operated PK451/452 flights on the 18th and 19th to carry all the stuck passengers from Skardu to Islamabad.

Not just this, two deceased people received from Kuwait were also transported from the capital to Skardu.


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Taking to Twitter, PIA’s official handle appreciated the efforts of its staff and Civil Aviation Authority, saying:

This was only possible due to the tireless efforts of our hardworking staff, who worked late hours and organized all the required equipment to manage operations in the freezing temperature.

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  • Sad that the government hasn’t invested enough in rail and road transport and air ambulances of its own. Why they don’t even have road going ambulances and the entire country relies on nonprofits.

    • The main reason for this blockage was bad conditions of weather. There are roads but due to weather it’s taking time to clear the roads for traffic. FYI there is EHDI air ambulance operating in Pakistan but again due to weather conditions air craft ambulance wasn’t easy to operate there. There is always improvement in system, but we should have some facts too. Let’s appreciate PIA for this.

      • You are right. If the courts stop meddling with a very capable CEO, things will improve even more.

  • There’s usually only one PIA flight daily (ISB-KDU) that was being cancelled from 17 to 23 January. Primarily because of Pak Civil Aviation’s incompetence for not having snow removal equipment on the airport.

    It is also usual for PIA to operate extra flights when such number of days go without flight operation.

    PIA had sold tickets so thay HAD to operate extra flights.

    THis is NOT a humanitarian or goodwill gesture but just CHEAP PUBLICITY to say that they did something exceptional!

  • While one should appreciate the efforts of PIA, would it have been rational to borrow a chopper from from paf or army or navy and do the heroics. Why risk millions of dollars in the shape of plane…..

  • بندے کے پتروں کی طرح ایمانداری سے کام کریں تو ھم بھی ترقی کر سکتے ھیں اور ناممکن کو ممکن بنایا جاسکتا ھے
    مگر ھڈحرامی اور بدنیتی اور بدیانتی نے ھمیں بھکاری بنا دیا

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