Over 1,000 Pakistani Students Stuck in the City Where Coronavirus Broke Out

More than 1000 Pakistani students are currently enrolled at different universities of Wuhan, the epicenter of Coronavirus, have been stranded in the city amid quarantine measures.

Following the outbreak of Coronavirus, the Chinese government has imposed restrictions on the movement of citizens of Wuhan to contain the spread of the deadly virus. Not only did the Chinese government suspend air and ground traffic, but it also called off major celebrations for the Chinese New Year.


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The helpless students have recorded and shared their videos on social media hoping the government would take action and bring them back to Pakistan.

According to one stranded student, the hostel authorities only allow students to leave the hostel premises for just two hours from 12-2 pm every day to go and collect necessary commodities. In case a student gets late by a minute, the hostel warden forwards the details of the latecomer to the local authorities.

In a separate video, students can be seen saying that food shortage is increasing in the city of Wuhan since no traffic is allowed to enter or exit the city. The students said that they are running short of food supplies at their hostels as well.

Pakistani Embassy in Beijing

In case your loved one is stuck in China, here is the email address of the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing: [email protected]


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Here are the contact numbers:

  • Pakistani Assistant (Community Welfare Affairs): +86 10 6532 6660 -6121 (extension), +86 10 6532 6660 -6146 (extension)
  • Third Secretary: +86 18 5013 22992, +86 15 6528 89195
  • Telephone Numbers Exchange: +86 10 6532 2504, +86 10 6532 6660

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  • Again Pakistan become victim i suspect this the work of some hostile coward country which has released this virus to derail China.

    • Mr. Muhammad Suleman Mahsud Education Attaché

      Hopefully U will get Pakistani on the line. On extreme case talk in English.

      Please call at around 05:30 AM Pakistan Standard Time. As China is 3 hours leading.
      Office break at 9 to 11 AM. Pakistan Standard Time Office closes at 02:00 PM Pakistan Standard Time

    • The Chinese do break from 12 AM to 2 PM. Office closed at 06 PM. All China Standard Timings. Nowadays its festival in China.

      Its better u call around 06:00 to 08:00 AM Pakistan Standard Time.
      Or 11:30 to 3:PM Pakistan Standard Time.
      I think its useless to call after 3PM Pakistan Standard Time. U can try.

      Start ur conversion in English

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