Imran Khan to Save Billions by Banning Multiple Residences for PM & President

In a bid to save state resources from misuse, Prime Minister Imran Khan has decided to cut the expenses on him and the President. As per details, the premier has decided to ban the use of multiple residences as camp offices for the President and Prime Minister.

The move will save billions of rupees that used to be spent on the security and other arrangements whenever a President or Prime Minister used a different residence.

It was learned that from 2008 to 2019, the national exchequer bore a burden of about Rs. 20 billion due to multiple residences of former prime ministers and presidents.


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The proposal will be put before the federal cabinet when it convenes on Tuesday (today) at the Prime Minister’s Office with a 15-point agenda.

One of the critical points on the agenda is to raise the Prime Minister’s salary, allowances, and privileges to bring them at par with the President of Pakistan.

Following the cabinet’s approval, a bill in this regard will be tabled in the National Assembly (NA).


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A source privy to the matter confirmed the development and said:

The premier earlier told the cabinet that he was annoyed at the extravagance displayed by past leaders in their official residences and their foreign trips. Therefore, he decided to impose a permanent ban on multiple residences for the president and the prime minister so that the state resources can be used for the welfare of masses.


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It added that once the bill has the parliament’s approval, the premier will also force the chief ministers to follow suit.

It is noteworthy that PM Imran is using his Bani Gala residence for official matters, but he has not declared it as a camp office. Hence, he has to bear all the expenses occurring on official meetings.

  • Very thinkful of the prime minister Imran Khan, hope he will stay the prime minister as long as 20 years or even more, like Erdogan in Turkey, now Turkey is a well developing country.

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