Here’s How Much Salary PM Imran Khan Earns [Its Less Than His Ministers]

In a recent public interaction, Prime Minister Imran Khan revealed that he barely manages expenses in his current salary.


During a meet and greet with business leaders, Khan said that he had cut down on Prime Minister House’s expenses by 40 percent, which has also impacted his lifestyle.

I live in my own home, pay my own expenses. My [official] salary is not enough to cover the costs of my household.

While the statement was widely dragged out of proportion and was subjected to criticism from the opposition, Imran Khan’s comments might be justified as this is how much the premier earns.


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According to an official salary slip issued from the Prime Minister House, Prime Minister Khan’s salary is indeed less than what his cabinet’s ministers earn. Even the chief ministers of all four provinces receive more than the country’s Prime Minister.

The slip shows that Khan receives:

  • Rs. 107,280 in terms of basic salary,
  • Rs. 50,000 as a sumptuary allowance,
  • Rs. 21,456 in ad hoc relief allowance,
  • Rs. 12,110 in ad hoc allowance under 2011 contract
  • Ad hoc relief of Rs. 10,728.


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This sums up to be a gross salary amount of Rs. 201,574, which further reduces to Rs. 196,979 after tax and other deductions.

Federal Ministers, on the other hand, are paid more than him. As per an old tweet of the federal minister Fawad Chaudhry, cabinet ministers are paid Rs. 3,45,000 per month. After a deduction of Rs. 90,000 in house rent, they end up with Rs. 2,55,000 per month in salary.



  • Salary for what??? Is not he political.leader or he is servant. They claim to serve the nation voluntarily so why on public money ????

  • dear writer, can you share details of the perks. i think unlimited fuel allowance, unlimited food, no utility bills etc

    BTW its petty they charge money whereas they spend millions on their election campaigns. Are they short of money, comparison Quaid e Azam say kabhi riasat madina say.

    thanks to Imran itna shaoor diya aur bataya kiya sahi hai aur kiya ghalat

  • If this is the authentic pay-slip of our prime minister then we should not reveal his CNIC and Account Number.

    Just a suggestion

  • Propakistani is ‘M a a d a r c h o d’, sary comment ko moderation me daal detay hain, jub k kuch bhi offensive nhe tha. bus koi goct k khilaaf na bolay.

  • positive reporting kerna tu koi Propakistani se seekhy. PM k 3 ghar is wakt sarkari kharchy per chal rahy hein, fuel, cars, servants, staff, khana peena sab kuch free ha, bachy UK me rehty hein laikin PM ka guzara nahi hota….strange

  • Im Kh ke against ek lafz nahi ……. the social media d a l l a * a l s are always watching you ……..

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