Milk Company Fined Rs. 35 Million for Deceptive Marketing

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has found that a milk company has committed deceptive marketing practices by declaring milk products of all other companies as unfit for human consumption.

It has endorsed the findings of Pakistan Dairy Association that the milk company has committed deceptive marketing practices.

In this regard, the CCP has issued an order against the said company in which the commission has imposed a huge penalty of Rs. 35 million on the said company. It was declared that the company deliberately withheld the information from the consumers and, on its own, declared the products of all other competitors as unhygienic and unhealthy for human consumption.


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The company has failed to substantiate the claims made in the advertisements for the milk products and their comparison with milk products of other companies.

The marketing campaign of the company is false and misleading and in fact capable of harming the business interest of members of the Pakistan Dairy Association as well as other competing undertakings operating within the relevant market.

The CCP further said that disregard for the applicable competition law and consumer welfare within the dairy industry is alarming and it must be ensured that such conducts are dealt with an iron hand and are not ignored.

The commission noted that in an increasingly health-conscious environment, consumers are getting more attuned to the health-related claims made by the marketers, especially those marketed to children and parents.

Each year, millions of rupees are spent on marketing products to the elderly, adults, youth, children and adolescents. By virtue of this order, the Commission deemed it appropriate to highlight the importance of truthful advertising.


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The business undertakings need to pay special care that their advertising and promotional material, irrespective of the medium, must truthfully demonstrate the pricing, character, method or place of production, properties, suitability for use and quality of their products and services, maintained CCP.

The commission further added “The milk company is hereby reprimanded to ensure responsible behavior in future with respect to the marketing of its business and is directed to cease and desist from making any claim with reference to its products in future without any proper and concrete basis.”

  • Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) and the Pakistan Dairy Association are deliberately withholding the name for fear of public backlash. Which indicates the three are party to it all.
    Need to name ’em and shame ’em for the sake of public interests.

  • Without mentioning the name of milk company what’s the purpose of informing us through your article? Waste of ours and yours time.

  • Where should i complain about this article that does not even know the name of the company. Waste of time

  • Why did you take the name CCP. Shame shame. You should have just said “relavant authority of Pakistan”. Should not name anyone warna WOH bura maan jaye ge

  • Yahan pay sahafat kay asool aa jatay hein samnay is waja say naam nahi likhtay aur sahafat ka pehla asool “qalam us ka jis ki jaib mein paisa ha”.

  • Wah Jehangir Nasir! din k number of articles publish krne ka koi target hota hai Propakistani mai k achievement pe koi commission mile ga??? This article makes no sense when you cannot even mentioned the name of the company that was fined. How will it benefit the readers and public? We unknowingly will still be consuming that fake product, thanks to you.

  • The Company …. , The Company …. , The Company …….
    Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) and the Pakistan Dairy Association and whole media are party to it all this nonsense……

    These all institutions are having share by concealing their identity…

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