German Ambassador is Impressed With His First Train Journey in Pakistan [Video]

Following his predecessor, Martin Kobler, the incumbent German envoy to Pakistan, Bernhard Schlagheck, is redefining the definition of ‘diplomacy.’

Bernhard recently took a 26-hour Islamabad-Karachi trip via train to explore the untapped beauty of the country. Declaring his journey as an ‘Amazing experience,’ he shared a video, compiling the highlights of his entire trip.


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Sharing a video on his official Twitter handle, the German ambassador wrote: “I love train rides – they are a great way to discover a country.”

Bernhard particularly enjoyed chatting with fellow travelers, he mentioned.

On his arrival in Karachi, the envoy was received by the German Consul General in Karachi, Eugen Wollfarth. The two dignitaries later arrived at the Karachi Press Club, where they were invited for Meet the Press program.

Praising the efforts of the security agencies and the government, Schlagheck noted that the overall security situation in Pakistan has substantially improved during the last couple of years.

He acknowledged the incumbent government’s economic policies and said that the country is moving in the right direction under the current leadership.

  • If the whole department put effort to make 1 person happy then it is not a big deal. Pakistan public transport system, be it in any form, is one of the worst you can see.

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