Swvl Increases Fares By Upto 10 Times

In less than a year of its launch in Pakistan, Swvl has increased its base fare by up to tenfold, that too, without an official announcement.

When the Egyptian bus-hailing service started operations in July 2019 in Lahore, it cost about Rs. 20 per seat, which was soon increased to Rs. 50 per trip.

The company then expanded to other cities, including Karachi and Islamabad, in September last year and carried over a similar fare base. However, in just four months since launch in these cities, Swvl has revised its fares again, increasing these by up to 10 times.

The company is running a Rs. 100 promo, which gives the impression that the prices have only been doubled. Contrary to that, a 30-kilometer ride, which cost Rs. 50 earlier, now costs up to Rs. 200 per head.

After some backlash on social media following the unannounced increment, the official Twitter handle for Swvl defended the move by saying that it was necessary for ‘sustainability and provision of quality service.’

If Swvl continues to raise prices at this rate, it might soon lose the luster which attracted the potential Careem and Uber users.

  • I was coming from karachi University, and i was the only passenger in the bus, and driver told me that he only made 300 total today, and it was 4pm, so it mean only 4 passenger used swvl in 9 hours including myself lol

  • 200 for a bus ride? Have they gone mental? A Bykea for 30 kilometers costs barely a bit more than 200, and you don’t have to stick to bus stops only with Bykea. Extremely bad decision by Swvl.

  • It’s already a flop service at least in Islamabad. You will see always see their Hi roofs and coaches containing one or two passengers. Local Hiace Transport is far better and cheaper than this.

  • And, they have introduced a “three-hour” cancellation policy without educating the customer. Now, you should cancel your trip THREE HOURS before the ride starts or else you will pay the price of a full ride. Airlift has a cancellation policy, but the lock-in time is only 2 hours!

    It’s totally unacceptable to lock your customers in such a contract.

  • Never understood Swvl’s routes. They are unpublished for each bus and app is not very user friendly. I guess we all have been spoiled by intuitive apps like Careem.

  • When I first heard of SWVL charging flat Rs. 20, I thought either they are kidding or they are going to stumble very soon. Such a service could never sustain for a flat 20 rupee in cities like Karachi and Lahore let alone in Islamabad and that’s what eventually happened.
    Whether you like it or not – the only commercially viable & time-tested transportation fare mechanism is distance based pricing (in some cases it includes time factor too).
    One may like or dislike the prices depending upon his/her price sensitivities, but anything else is bound to fail.

  • The SWVL has lot of expectations in Pakistan receiving support from commuters. They’re well known outside Pakistan and why they shouldn’t be liked/pampered. The 1st Digital Commuters. AirLift is also doing well, and they’re really good. Please continue with your peak/Off peak tariff. Please treat your customers/passengers with dignity and honor which amongst Egypt, Pakistan. Hope you consider to keep our honour and we keep yours.

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