Govt to Earn Billions by Auctioning Unused Equipment and Vehicles

Earlier today, a directive was issued through the Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (PMDU) to all ministries and various departments to auction off all useless vehicles and machinery and office equipment within the next three months.

The auction is expected to generate billions for the government and the there are instructions for the whole process to be archived as well to make sure there aren’t any discrepancies.

Hundreds of vehicles confiscated by the customs have been stored in warehouses, taking up space and resources. The vehicles are deteriorating and losing value. Once out of service or worn out, vehicles, machinery, and furniture in the customs department, as well as other government departments, don’t have a disposal process and end being piled up.

Pending Promotions and Replacements to be Cleared

In a statement from the PMDU, it has been intimated that around 7,000 government officials, posted in various departments, have had their promotions halted due to unknown reasons. The PMDU has directed that all pending promotions cases shall be handled and sorted within 60 days.

Moreover, the PMDU has also instructed all ministries to approve and sort out pending recruitment cases in two month’s time as well. Vacant positions are to be either filled or reported to the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) within a month’s time so the proper recruitment procedures can be taken to fill out the vacant positions.

All vacant positions are proposed to be filled within 120 days and all of this will be tasked through the Task Management System (TMS) which ensures more efficient coordination between the Prime Minister’s Office and various federal ministries/departments.

via Pakistan Today

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