Google Earth Releases Free High-Resolution Wallpapers of Pakistan

Google’s Earth view is a collection of the most striking landscapes found in Google Earth. The idea for this database of wallpapers came about from people taking screenshots of the virtual globe for desktop backdrops.

Recently, Google added 1000 new high-resolution images to the Earth View wallpapers, bringing the total to 2500 wallpapers now. The images added are from places like the United States, Greenland, Venezuela, Australia, Antarctica, and Saudi Arabia.

The upgraded images, as per Google’s blog post, are optimized for high-resolution screens featuring “brighter colors, sharper images, and resolutions up to 4K.”

According to Google:

Earth View has the power to elevate our minds from our tiny screens to outer space — the landscapes that materialize when you open a new tab or unlock your phone punctuate your day with a global looking glass. My hope then is this funny, little project — along with Google Earth as a whole — moves us to care more deeply about this strange but kaleidoscopically beautiful planet.

The Earth view wallpapers are leveraged for ambient mode on idle Chromecast-connected screens and Android TVs as well as for Smart Display Photo Frame, and in the Wallpapers app on Android.

Apart from this, the Earth view is accessible from the online gallery where users can also see a color map to visualize and find every available location. The images are also available in Chrome’s Earth View extension.

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