NADRA to Investigate Officials Issuing Multiple CNICs to Afghan Nationals

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has started a high-level investigation against its officers for issuing CNICs to registered Afghan citizens.

A preliminary investigation found 4 officials involved in issuing more than one CNIC to 11 Afghan nationals. The officials include an Assistant Director and three others.

In December 2019, NADRA served notices to the 11 Afghan nationals to inform the authority of their stance on the matter.

However, none of the Afghan citizens showed up to clarify the matter. As a result, NADRA revoked their CNICs.

During a meeting of a senate committee in 2018, Senator Talha Mehmood revealed that NADRA had issued CNIC to Afghan intelligence agency personnel.

The senator claimed:

Hundreds of Tajik and Afghan citizens have been issued green identity cards in Pakistan and the passports of those foreigners have visas of India as well.

Intelligence agencies have recovered 150 Pakistani CNICs from Tajik citizens during an operation in Lahore last year.

PM Imran Khan had announced to grant Afghan refugees Pakistani citizenship at a time when Indian PM Modi signed controversial legislation into law to strip minorities of Indian citizenship.

The Pakistani Premier might consider shelving this widely-praised decision if foreign nationals continue to abuse Pakistani citizenship in collusion with government officials.

  • Who’s to say who’s a Pakistani or not? Poor people don’t have documents. Even if they do NADRA officials decide things on a whim. From out of nowhere they expect you to prove that you are a citizen of this land. Ironically our constitution has birth right citizenship but that remains on paper only.

    • Pakistan constitution don’t grant any “Birthright Citizenship”.

      Citizen by Birth:
      Persons who or any of their parents or grand parents were born in the territories now included in Pakistan.

  • Who’s to say who’s a Pakistani or not? NADRA officials decide these things on a whim. Ironically our constitution has birth right citizenship but that remains on paper only.

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