Miracles Do Happen: Expat Stuck in Germany Returns to Pakistan After 29 Years

Pakistan Citizen Portal is proving to be an important asset for the people. Last month, a man from Islamabad had his ATM-related issue resolved within hours of registering a complaint, and now another citizen has been able to return to Pakistan after 29 years.

As per the details, a Pakistani woman stuck in Germany for nearly three decades has been finally issued a visa to return to Pakistan.


You Can Now Report Corruption & Malpractices on Pakistan Citizen’s Portal

Shahid Hussain, brother of the woman from Lahore’s Samanadbad area, has revealed that he had been attempting to sponsor her sister’s visit to Pakistan for the last 29 years but failed every time.

In a video message, Shahid revealed that no previous government addressed their grievances­ as the matter remained unresolved until he turned to Pakistan Citizen Portal.

He said that the matter was resolved within days thanks to intervention from Prime Minister Office – that too without bribing any government official.


Man’s Citizen Portal Complaint Against Bank Gets Resolved in 2 Hours

Shahid expressed gratitude to Prime Minister Imran Khan for making his sister’s visit to the country possible after ages.

The portal’s overall performance has been up to the mark so far, according to the official statistics.

As per the PCP annual report for 2019, the portal resolved over 1.46 million public complaints out of 1.6 million registered last year.

  • Lodged 3 complaints on citizen portal so far, it took some time but eventually all resolved Alhamdulillah. This application is indeed doing wonders for common citizen if issues are properly taken up. One of my acquaintance lodged more than 100 complaints on citizen portal, all have been resolved.

  • This has nothing to do with this portal, banking industry if receives any complaint from their regulatory i.e. SBP or Banking Ombudsmen, they take it seriously and resolve it quickly, whatever the complaints writers are sharing in their report are pertaining to this industry, it would be great if you show the same feedback of other areas, like Municipal, and other Govt offices? i had registered so many complaints pertaining to this but havent seen any response ever after 40 days…

  • i complaints some issues of my area on citizen portal not resolved yet, after complaining again and again, a UC secretary come to my house and said please take your reports back i am unable to do something , and your complaint put burden on me he requested then i puts new complaint with identity hidden but still nothing happened.

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