Your Xiaomi Phone Will Tell You if an App Behaves Suspiciously

Privacy is becoming a major concern as hackers discover new ways to hack our Smartphones through vulnerabilities and malicious apps. This is one of the reasons why Xiaomi is planning to add a new privacy feature to their smartphones through MIUI 11 that will warn users when an app is using sensitive permissions.

The new feature is currently being tested on the MIUI 11 custom skin which has been rolled out to numerous Xiaomi devices worldwide.

The feature is called  “App Behavior Records” and it comes into play when apps launch other apps in the background or use sensitive permissions. If the app does any of the following actions in the background without your knowledge, your Smartphone will notify you:

  • Recording audio in the background
  • Accessing calendar events
  • Accessing call history
  • Making a phone call
  • Taking photos or recording videos
  • Accessing or saving items to the clipboard
  • Accessing contacts
  • Accessing your location
  • Reading your text messages
  • Accessing sensor data
  • Accessing activity info
  • Accessing device info
  • Reading your phone number
  • Accessing or saving files in the background

Users will receive a notification when an app is trying to perform any of these actions and will also be able to tweak these notifications to avoid being spammed.

The feature is currently being tested and will likely not be unveiled until a few weeks.

  • Great. I have Xiaomi Note 8 Pro. It is an awesome phone, and I come from using Samsung S8 and Oneplus 5… Its camera is very good when compared to the ones Ive used before and gaming performance is good too. Looking forward to this feature, hope it comes on Note 8 pro as well

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