CCP Questions Diamond Supreme Foam’s “No. 1 Quality” Claim

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has noted that Diamond Group of Industries, known for its brand Diamond Supreme Foam, is claiming to be the ”No. 1 Quality Foam” in Pakistan, however, it’s unproven.

According to the letter sent to the company by CCP, the commission had analyzed the previous reply submitted in support of the claims made by the company. CCP observed that there is no empirical evidence that the product ”Diamond Supreme foam” is actually a 33 kg/cubic meter density foam and is manufactured using a superior process.

The commission noted that the company has not provided the actual standard regarding the quality parameters and has not mentioned any detail about the standard issuing body. CCP, therefore, has maintained that the reply regarding the claim of ” No.1 Quality Foam” is insufficient.

CCP has further observed that Diamond Group of Industries has not provided any reasonable justification regarding the comparison of their product with another competitor, in the same line of business, which was identified by one of Diamond Supreme foam’s TV commercial.

Therefore, the commission had requested to submit empirical evidence and a copy of the actual standard conferring the claim of ”No.1 Quality foam” and reasonable justification about the comparison of their product with the competitor.

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