Chinese Professor Refuses Ph.D. Evaluation Fee from Pakistani University

A Chinese professor teaching at an engineering university in Japan has refused to accept a thesis evaluation fee from a Pakistani university as a show of gratitude.

As per details, a Pakistani university had sent a Ph.D. thesis for evaluation to Japan’s Tohoku University, where Xian Cao is an engineering professor.


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As per the rules, the university was to pay $500 as review charges, but the professor refused to accept the money. Instead, he wrote back a letter of thanks appreciating what Pakistan had done to help his country amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In his letter of gratitude, Mr. Xian Cao wrote that it was his honor to evaluate the Ph.D. thesis.

Although I work at Tohoku University, Japan, I am Chinese. I learned from the news that Pakistan gave China the most help after the outbreak of novel coronavirus in China. You donated all the masks in Pakistan to us, which moved me deeply. I would like to express the greatest gratitude to Pakistan. Therefore, I am not willing to accept the money. Please donate the money to the people who need it, if possible.


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Pakistani authorities have extended their full support to China at the time of need. Apart from financial and help, the government has refused to withdraw Pakistani citizens from the country, as a sign of confidence in China’s resources and capabilities to fight the novel virus.

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