Pak Suzuki’s Installment Plan for Bikes Has 0% Markup

In the past year, the auto sector as a whole has seen its sales decline massively amidst rising inflation and prevailing economic conditions.

This has caused the auto-companies to increase their prices multiple times in hopes to stay solvent but this has been at the cost of sales. Companies like Toyota have come up with special offers in hopes to boost sales and Suzuki is doing the same for their bikes.

They are offering customers an installment plan to buy their bikes with 0% markup with installment tenure up to 3 years

You can see the Installment plan below:

ModelEnginePriceInstallment PlanDown Payment (PKR)Installment (PKR)Last Month Installment
GR 150150 cc273,00024 months54,600 (20%) / 81,900 (30%)9100 /  80009100 / 7100
GD 110S110 cc 172,00024 months34,400 (20%) / 51,600 (30%)5750 / 50505350 / 4250
GS 150150 cc 182,00024 months36,400 (20%) / 54,600 (30%)6100 / 5350 5300 /4350
GS 150 SE150 cc 199,00024 months39,800 (20%) / 59,700 (30%)6650 / 58506250 /4750
GIXXER 150SF BLUE150 cc 549,00012 months / 36 months274,000 (50%) / 109,800 (20%)22,900 / 12,20022,600 / 12,200
GIXXER 150SF Red/Black150 cc 539,00012 months / 36 months269,500 (50%) / 107,800 (20%)22,500 / 12,00022000 / 11,200


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  • Prices are way to much high not worth the value i guess, also Yamaha needs to reduce their prices for bikes to flood the market ,
    first you get the market share and then people get used to your products, they will buy bikes eventually spare parts , and you will get the business.

  • What about the other hidden charges which they are asking like
    Processing charges Rs 6000
    Registration charges 9000

  • I can’t understand from where Suzuki Pakistan takes ideas or inspiration regarding shapes for their bikes? Dose GR 150, 110 or GS 150 deserve that much of price? I mean come on u people should check what shapes Suzuki is producing for Indian market and price also.
    O bhai! On this shapes being provided to Pakistani markets u should bring the prices lower to flat 50%.

  • There is no doubt that the current government put so much tax on everything that people are breathless but on other hand companies like Honda, yamaha and Suzuki looted Pakistani people with both hands. Greatfully it was chienese motorcycles that reached every home of poor and rich. Today all three of these famous motorcycle manufacturers are facing trouble to survive in the market. But they should also know that in the name of japan and their past reputation people were buying them but at the moment people now understand that they are selling crap material bike in heavy price. Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki are no good than a China bike believe it or not.

  • overpriced and not worth the time even china bikes are better than these overpriced charbaaz in this regard, rather than waste money on these bikes i would prefer Derbi, Benelli or FUEGO. Heck! Hi-Speed Infinity, United, Unique and super power are a much better options and budget friendly

  • Highly disappointed to see a platform of such reliable repute is posting this kind of blog. Suzuki’s 0 % markup instalments plans are not something new, they’ve been doing this since many years. Plus the prices they are offering are way greater than what they are providing in terms of design, specifications, safety, durability and maintainability. Their only stake in market is based upon resale. Just have a look in your neighboring country and you’ll realize what shit we are being provided on such mountainous rates.

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