Govt Issues New Rules to Schools, Increases Passing Marks & Attendance Criteria

A new policy has been introduced by the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) under which the students will have to achieve at least 40% marks and have a 75% class attendance to be promoted into the next class.

As per sources, a notification by the FDE has been issued regarding a new promotion policy for the students of its 424 schools and colleges under the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT). The notification underlines another directive under the new policy through which students from class 1 to 9th won’t be promoted into the next class if they fail more than two subjects.


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The students who fail in exactly two subjects will only be promoted under the condition of getting at-least 40& marks overall.

The subjects from class 5 to 9 have been divided into two categories by the FDE and sources added that as per the category-I, if a student fails English along with any other subject, they will have to achieve a minimum of 40% or above marks for securing promotion. In the case of Category-II, the students have to achieve a minimum of 25% marks in the subjects they failed in order to gain promotion into the next class.

The sources added that the new policy will be implemented in the current session of 2020 in the examination system and with regards to this, a notification has been sent to the institutions and Area Education Officers (AEO) of the federal capital.

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  • “condition of getting at-least 40& marks overall.” % instead of &.
    This is not a new policy. FDE issue directives for passing policy every year and this is no different from previous years.

  • 40% and 25% marks to be promoted? Couldn’t they have shifted the bar any lower? Probably some nikammay bachay of some idiots who they need to promote, thus the lower bar.
    Education directorate needs education itself.

  • I think it’s a good initiative, especially the conditional part. It would be more convenient for the students if the medium of instruction is in Urdu or at least bilingual. It is imperative that the students really grasp the concepts rather than becoming tangled up in technicalities of the English language. We are not helping our children learn by giving more emphasis on English rather than the subject itself. It is highly impractical and unfair to the students. I would request govt to look into t, he matter and eliminate this colonial imposed language to teach our children the practicality of a subject.

    • Well said, but who will understand. I see the kids damn confused, conceptually they good but when it comes to learning in English, they face damn difficult time.

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