LPG Price in Pakistan Gets a 38% Hike Due to Coronavirus

The price of LPG has been hiked by Rs. 50 per Kg by the All Pakistan Liquefied Petroleum (LPG) distributors due to the closure of Pak-Iran border because of coronavirus outbreak.

As per the details, the new price of LPG is Rs. 180 per Kg, up by Rs. 50 and the cost of an 11.8Kg domestic cylinder is now Rs. 2,680 with a hike of Rs. 500.

Irfan Khokhar, the LPG distributors’ spokesperson stated that the hike was down to the closure of Pak-Iran border.


CNG Prices Will Decrease Drastically After The New Move: Chairman APCNGA

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) had slashed prices the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) by Rs. 111 per cylinder for this month. This marks the fourth consecutive day where all activities on the border had been halted due to the coronavirus outbreak in Iran, which has claimed 16 lives so far in the country.

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    • while LNG contracts are being canceled blaming on “slump in market prices” and increasing LPG prices by 38% due to virus outbreak….

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