US & Taliban Finally End Afghan War After 18 Years of Bloodshed

The United States and Taliban leaders have reached a peace deal with both parties praising Pakistan for its role.

The United States will begin withdrawing thousands of forces from Afghanistan after signing a peace agreement with Taliban militants aimed at ending America’s longest war, APP reported earlier today.

U.S. troop levels are to drop to 8,600 from about 13,000 in the four to five months following Saturday’s signing. The withdrawal of all remaining forces, within 14 months, will depend on the Taliban meeting certain counter-terrorism conditions, compliance that will be assessed by the United States.

The development will put an end to 18 years of bloodshed between the two parties, killing thousands in the conflict. The agreement was reached earlier today in Doha where Taliban leaders met with the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and U.S. envoy Zalmay Khalilzad for the signing ceremony which took place in a five-star hotel in Qatar.

President George W. Bush ordered his forces to invade Afghanistan in response to the 9/11 attacks.

What are your thoughts on the historical move? Let us know in the comments.

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  • یہ بھی تو دیکھیں کتنے مولوی اس معاہدے پر دستخط کرنے آئے ہیں۔ کیا یہ اپنا ایک لیڈر نہیں چُن سکتے تھے اور ایک مولوی کو اپنا لیڈر مان کر ایک مُتحد قوم ہونے کا پیغام دیتے۔ اب امریکہ تو ا س جنگ سے نکل جائیگا کیونکہ اُسے اب افغانستان کی ضرورت نہیں ہے مگر جو لڑائی ان دستخط کرنے والے مولویوں میں شروع ہونے والی ہے اُسے کون روکے گا؟؟؟ اگر تمام مُسلمان اپنا ایک لیڈر مان لیں تو وہ ایک ایسی سُپر طاقت بنیں گے جو امریکہ اور روس سے کئی گُنا بڑی اور طاقت ور ہوگی کاش بٹے ہوے مُسلمان ایسا کرسکتے اور ایک لیڈر کےتحت اسلام کو ایک متحدہ حکومت دے سکتے

    • Pehli bath to ye k ye log kisi b side is muslim community represent nai kar rhy. In logo ka apna agenda hai. Second hmain aisy leader chahie hi nai. In logo ni ap ko 100 years peechy ly jana hai, same jaisy aj afghanistan hai.

      Wallah Alam ye log kon hai, kin ki creation hai, or kis k lie kam kar rhy hy, but for sure they does not presents muslim society. Ha ap ko use zaroor kar rhy hai

  • America ka kuch bhi nahin bigra. Wo chup kar kai nikal giya. Amreeki economy dunya ki number 1 hi hai aur technology main bhi number aik hi hai
    Waat to Afghanistan ki lagi aur agay ja kar khaana jangi bhi ho sakti hai. Poora mulk bunjar ho chuka hai, koi industry nahin aur koi economy nahin. Asal main Amreeka hi yeh jang jeet chuka hai. Us nay apnay maqasad hassil kar liay aur phir yahan say chala gya.

      • Americans are imperialists. If you study history then Imperialist always attack other nations to gain political, economic and strategic depth and then go away. It is going on for centuries.
        Look at Alexander the Great. He was also the imperialist. He attacked even the modern day Punjab from Europe and then their forces went back silently.

        • You still haven’t answered the question… but ok, so they come in attack and go. What good have they achieved for themselves out of it? Eco and Strategic depth is way too vague of an answer.

  • This is really bad for Pakistan. The US has no need to bail us out anymore. We survive on IMF bailouts and the IMF takes its orders from the US. Without US support bail out conditions will be way more stringent.

    • Kyun kamiyon ki tarah soch rakhi hai ke choudhary ka saaya sar se uth gaya tu hamara kya bane ga.

  • I wish I truly understood what exactly is going on…
    Our Gov. and how it hurts/benefits Afghanistan..
    Help me to understand…

  • Jis mulk kay Log khushal hain wohi mulk jeet gaya. Amreeka kay loug khushal hain aur hansi khushi zindagi guzaar rahay hain jabkay Afghanistan kay log Iran, Pakistan aur Europe main panah guzeen hain.
    Amreeki bohut aqalmand hain. Dunya main Science aur Technology main sab sai agay ( internet sai lay kar har achi technology kay baani) aur dunya ki top 500 companies ( Fortune 500) kay maalik.

    Yahan kay log samajh rahay hain kai unhoun nay Amreek ko shakist di. Asal main Taliban nay apnay hi mulk ko shakist day di.

    Ghairat ki definition Amreeka aur Pakistan, Afghanistan main different hay:. Amreeki apnay haath say kamanay aur agay barhnay ko Ghairat kahtay hain, jabkay hum dushman ko marnay aur apnay hi mulk ko bunjar karnay ko Ghairat kahtay hain.

  • From Mulla Omar’s time, Taliban have insisted on three preconditions in exchange to peace. (1) Complete withdrawal of foreign forces. (2) Rejection and removal of current Afghan govt. (3) Reinstating the Taliban govt that was overthrown through use of military force. None of the preconditions have been mentioned. Taliban will not fight for 16 months while foreign forces will remain there. Taliban will talk to present Afghan govt. Taliban govt will not be reinstated. Who won?

  • I’m telling you this will never happen.
    I’m thinking US is upto something.

  • Ashraf ghani has again stated that he will not release Taliban’s prisoners and Taliban has again started their activities against Americans

  • Yes, America is a win after 216 Months – 6570 days battle with the weakest nation.
    If yes,
    is America need to sign an agreement with the Taliban for winning outcomes from Afghanistan? Why then not go bravely and Taliban on knees.

    Even America is not attacked. NATO (29 Countries Military Alliance) is invaded on Afghanistan.

    are 29 powerful countries attack single country justifiable?
    If Afghanistan lost, there is no single human being life after this huge 18 years war.

    But, these Afganistan representers still have straight shoulder without any fear in eyes. America + Nato understand we will never conquer this nation.

    are you think America gets his benefits? You are not aware of the economic. America is more debt as compared to Pakistan. And this is only caused by the Afghan war.

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